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 A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME  by Keikokin        

A college prank turns serious when the press picks up on it. Clark and Lex have to deal with the ramifications of it and how serious it really is.



By Jeannie   By Dianehc   By Voldything
By Stopawhile   By Voldything    By Osianna


 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST  by Artemis                 

Once upon a time there lived a prince in a shining castle under a terrible curse…and a young Beauty who dreamed of adventure and romance. An old tale told with new twists, Clark discovers that sometimes adventure and love can be found even when you aren't looking for it. A fusion with Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" and the Smallville characters.



By Laurab   By Beeej   By Kiki
By Mkitty   By Osianna   By Osianna
By Raingarden   By Stopawhile    


 LAST, BEST HOPE  by Dogpoet                             

In an extraordinary time, the world needed heroes.



By Aisling   By AmandaJane   By Betrue
By Osiness  

Trailer by Talitha (please don't direct link here)


 LIFE ON EARTH  by Sail                                         

Shortly before Lex Luthor’s 21st birthday, he is sent into exile by his father, assigned to run the Smallville fertilizer plant. But the day he arrives in town, a meteor shower strikes, changing Lex's fate forever.

During the meteor shower, Lex is witness to an alien in the form of a teenage boy arriving to earth. He captures the boy, hoping to benefit financially from the scientific discoveries alien experiments are sure to bring.

But what he didn’t count on was the boy’s ability to awaken Lex’s sympathy. Before he knows it, Lex has given the boy the name Liam, and lets him stay in his own home, with Lex as his legal guardian.

As Liam adapts to life on Earth, high school and his increasing powers, Lex has to deal with corporate schemes and his father’s machinations as well as his growing attraction to Liam.



By Teot   By Laurab   By Laurab
By Clexzone   By Osiness   TRAILER for Life on Earth

 SO COLD by Iammiffyneko                                      

You're so cold, but you feel alive / Lay your hand on me one last time.



By Voldything   By Tragicallyhip   By Voldything
By Sambre   By Goss    

 THE DOG by Roxy                                                    

This story is loosely based on the movie Danny The Dog.

It's the story of a boy who's stolen from his family and raised to be less than human and a little more than a pet. It's also the story of another boy who does his very best to raise himself to be a decent man.



By Betrue   By Voldything   By Laurab
By Voldything   By Tyffi    

 THESE RED DEEDS by Perryvic&Zaganthi          

Clark Kent had tried to be an ordinary guy -- for a space alien living in a farming town. He was always afraid that one day, someone would learn about what he could do and turn him over to the government. He'd never considered the possibility that a private citizen could take control of his life and his friend's lives more thoroughly than the government ever could, using threats and drugs to keep him under control.



By Laurab   By Clexzone   By Osianna
By Osianna   By AmandaJane