The Smallville Big Bang Challenge was originally proposed in February, 2006. It was an idea that was thrown out on a whim; we had no idea that it would be received with such overwhelming enthusiasm. Shortly after the idea was proposed, the SV Big Bang Community (svbigbang) was created, and the rules were posted.

SVBB is based completely on the Harry Potter Big Bang, Baby Challenge (big_bang_hd). Stories were required to be over 50,000 words, Clark/Lex and beta read. The “reward” for writing a novel was the illustration of your story by the fandom's most talented artists.

While many people signed up, most found that writing a 50,000 word story was... difficult. *g* We ended up with seven stories, and over thirty pieces of artwork.

Enjoy, and remember to leave feedback for both the authors and artists.

Standard Disclaimer: Artwork and stories are intended for an adult audience. The material on this site is not suitable for minors.

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